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Disco Dot on Black
Mei Tai


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The modern Mei Tai is borrowed from the ancient Chinese method of babywearing. Traditionally a large square or rectangular piece of cloth, the Mei Tai was secured by tying its four corners together. Today’s Mei Tai come in a variety of colors and patterns, offering on-the-go families an excellent, comfortable, and stylish solution for carrying babies and toddlers. Mei Tai offer caregivers three positions for babywearing (front, back, and hip) and can be tied for a custom fit. BabyHawk Mei Tai can fit women up to size 22/24 and men up to an XXL.

Lightly padded for comfort and durability, Mei Tai straps are 9.5 cm wide and is designed for children weighing between 3.5kg and 18kg. Mei Tai can be machine washed with a small amount of detergent; line drying is recommended to preserve colour.

-Reversible to solid Black

-Wear on your front or back (baby does not face out)


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Disco Dot on Black
Mei Tai”