Every now and again something happens. Something that takes your breath away, that makes the blood pump in your ears, that makes everything go in slow motion.
Like the time she asked for her baby to have uppies cuddles, and she waited patiently for me to tighten the sling correctly, and then she rocked and swayed. She whispered to her baby and told her everything was going to be okay. She said “it’s alright little one, Mummy is here. Everything will be okay. I’ve got you. Sleep, sweet baby”.

I felt the tears well up.
Today was hard. Full of self doubt, as always. Full of self criticism, of questioning if I could do anything right.
And then this.
Somewhere, along the way, I did something right.
At some point she learnt how to love, and show love.
She knows how to comfort, she knows how to be affectionate.
She has watched me, observed me, and she knows.
At some point I have done something right, and it makes my heart happy.