After giving birth to my first baby I remember arriving home after four days of being in hospital. I was elated to finally bring home my teeny tiny black haired girl we had been waiting oh so patiently for. But I walked in the front door to find two days worth of dishes, a mountain of washing and an unmade bed! We had tones of visitors booked for nearly every day, so the two of us took turns in holding our super clingy and colicy little one while the other franticly cleaned as much as they could before we tag teamed. My partner only received a week of paternity leave and that week came to an end way too quickly. All of a sudden I was hit with a dose of reality. I cringed at the sight of my laundry basket overflowing and the shower that needed a good scrub! Peyton hated being put down, even when she was in a deep sleep and I thought I was safe, I wasn’t. Seven weeks passed and my house was slowly looking more and more like a crime seen rather than an ex display home. Why couldn’t us mothers be born with four hands instead of two!?

I will forever be in debt to my mumma friend who introduced me to babywearing! But seriously where was she two months ago!? The first time I wrapped Peyton she fell asleep instantly. So close to mummy’s beating heart, warm and snug, just like she was in the womb. Our love for babywearing had begun! Not only did I now have TWO hands to fold my washing and vacuum my floors with, but my baby was close and felt safe. Slowly but surely my house returned to a shade of somewhat normal and the groceries were done without a peep! Night times were filled with snugly wrap cuddles, all those ear infections and weeks of teething were so less painful wrapped up with love.

Our love didn’t stop there, soon I was introduced to boutique wraps and carriers and our stash grew! We mastered breastfeeding in the wrap, learnt to back carry and I even coordinated outfits with these beautiful pieces of fabric. Each and every time we wrapped was so precious, so intimate and so full of love.


I didn’t think twice when I stumbled across one of the most beautiful woman, photographer Belle Verdiglione. When Peyton was 14 months we had our breastfeeding and babywearing shoot with Belle. A day that documented our love and passion for breastfeeding and babywearing! And also the day that our family grew. Nine months of babywearing later, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy! This time around I didn’t waste any time, and at just two days old we began our second wrap journey.


Xander is now three months old and Peyton is a beautiful tornado two year old. Babywearing the second time around has given me the ability to tend to Peyton and Xander at the same time. We utterly adore nap time snuggles and grocery shopping with two kiddies is a breeze. I am forever grateful for my mumma friend that brought me into the world of babywearing. It has become a tool to get through every day, it has created a bond so strong and produced an abundance of cherished memories. I honestly cannot imagine a life without having my babies close to me. Babywearing has taken my love as parent to another level with my children. EVERY mother and mother-to-be needs a carrier so they too can bloom this beautiful bond like the one we share. And not to mention be hands free! Babywearing isn’t just a mumma essential, it’s a way of life. I cannot wait to write more chapters in this babywearing book of ours.