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Family Photo

Pete and Bron have been married for two years, and have 2 kids – Macie 2 years and Fletcher 7 months. Both trained nurses (Bron is also a midwife), life changed when kids came along. Their whole philosophy on life changed, and their thoughts on parenthood were transformed.

Pete is the practical half of the two. His mind is numbers and common sense. He is the quiet voice, who brings Bron back to reality. He number crunches, is known as the “bargain hunter”, grows a great beard and makes great homemade beef jerky. He is also known for giving the best aeroplane rides, and for finding the perfect tickle spot.

Bron is passionate about baby wearing, breastfeeding and gentle parenting, and is desperate to share this passion. During her own journey of motherhood she came across the many criticisms that came with being a mother. She was met with the constant doubt in her own mind about how she was bringing up her children.

One day, enough was enough and she realised that instinctual parenting was the way that she wanted to raise her children. After speaking to many friends she realised she wasn’t alone, and sadly too many parents had made choices about parenthood that they regret, because of the many pressures that hit them on their journey.

These included comments such as “you’re spoiling your baby”, “your baby is too old for breastmilk” and “he/she should really be sleeping through by now”. These uneducated and unfounded comments become an obstacle far too often.

Just Hold Them has been created to bring support and love to the tribe of motherhood. It is a place you can come and browse beautiful products that are practical in your day to day life. 

Babywearing is something that Bron suggests to all parents, both for the simplicity added to your day to day lives, but also the documented benefits to your child. Baby wearing has so many options, both with the style of carrier, but also the different colours and types of fabric used. The hope is that this great range of products will be available, and you will always have access to something just a little bit different.

Just Hold Them will also bring other accessories to Australia for both Mum and Bub, that add just a little bit of sparkle to your lives.
With so many options, life won’t be boring!

Once qualified as an IBCLC, Bron hopes to add Lactation Consultancy services to Just Hold Them.

Family Photo Kiss
Bron and Fletcher
Pete and Macie
Family Macie